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What Makes EEI College and Gap Year Programs so Special?

They’re Unique/ Unusual/Exceptional/ Extraordinary

Let us count the ways!

  1. You travel in North America – experiencing places and people in depth and first hand offering the chance to explore your own opinions and beliefs, not the condensed views of “experts”.
  2. Learning happens in a supportive community including other students, faculty, and the people we meet along the way. The atmosphere is cooperative, not competitive; holocratic, not hierachical.
  3. You’ll be living and learning outdoors. Being outside every day and every night for months at a time offers a whole new experience of the natural world. You become connected in ways you couldn’t have imagined.
  4. EEI education is not just a physical journey – it’s an adventure in learning and growth and becoming a changemaker.
  5. You can simultaneously learn how to effect change while being irrevocably changed yourself.
  6. This is an opportunity to create a new relationship with your body as you come to feel the connections between yourself and the planet which supports all life.
  7. This is a restorative educational/college experience – you have the chance to breathe and laugh as well as learn.
  8. You’ll be leaving textbooks and classrooms behind for a whole new way of learning.
  9. It’s an opportunity to get to really know yourself as you get to know other people and places.
  10. It happens on a bus!!!

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