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We are in a REGENERATIVE PAUSE & PLANNING PHASE (207) 322-2973

Greetings Bus Mate!

We all have so many stories and memories from our time on the bus and the impact it has had on our lives! We also know that there have been so many changes that have altered the landscape of higher education since we first strapped our duffle bags onto the bus roof. The bus program has transformed too, buit’s only for the better!

Here are the top three things we want to share with you:

  1. If you aren’t part of our current Alumni database, please forward your contact info to us so that we can keep you up to date on our progress and also let you know what former AEI folks are engaged in now. We are aiming to add alumni profiles to the alumni pages on our website, and will also add to our alumni profiles on the Graduates at Work page. Let us know if you’re interested in being profiled (or willing)!
  2. THE BUS IS BACK!!! EEI is up and running through Marlboro College. We have one bus out on the road at this very moment (recent student blog post about the semester) and we are going to keep building from here. If you haven’t already explored EEI’s updated webpage (you are here now) please do! Julia Shipley, an AEI alum, recently wrote this wonderful article about EEI’s rise from the ashes. Let’s build more collective energy around the current “busprogram!!!
  3.  As we all learned on the bus, we need act on our values to make them real. Here’s how you can ACT NOW:
  • Donate to our scholarship fund No matter how small or large your donation, it all adds up! The need is even more crucial as the economic climate has changed as well as the weather patterns. Every person and every dollar matters. We hope you will join us in helping future bus students have the opportunity for amazing expedition education experiences. The gift you offer builds ripples of social momentum into the future.
  • Help build an ecologically literate citizenry person by person. We know that there are so many potential students who would benefit from a “busexperience. The trick is to help them find us. Let’s collaborate to extend our reach! Worof mouth and social media are vital to expanding awareness of the value and opportunities of EEI. Please send our web link and a personal note to anyone you think could benefit from a semester on the bus! Let’s get EEI bus programs filled!

Blessings to you all for your continued support,

Via The EEI Staff, Faculty, and Board

P.O. Box 793

Belfast, Maine 04915


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