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We are in a REGENERATIVE PAUSE & PLANNING PHASE (207) 322-2973

EarthDayImageFreeJoin us in celebrating interconnectedness!

As a part of the interconnected web of life we all have our ways of acting and being in the world. We’re calling on you to give to the Earth by giving to the busconnecting your past to our future, or connecting your future to our future. 

Your contributions provide support for students and faculty to get on the bus and continue to weave the web of connections with the night sky, the deep blue waters, the shimmering air, the breathing forests, the fertile soil, and all the places, people, and organizations the bus has engaged with over the years.

Please consider supporting the Expedition programs by donating today. Consider it an investment for the earth: you are helping to create empowered ecological leaders (by giving at all) or you are helping one of those future leaders to afford to come on the bus for a semester or a year (by designating your gift for scholarships). 

Click HERE if you prefer to send a check.

We want to hear about your connections to the earth:  dedicate your gift to a place or being on this earth that has impacted you and made you a better ecological leader.

In addition to supporting EEI, we have some ideas about how you can easily do more!



And finally, another form of interconnectedness: Matching gifts for the Earth through EEI.

  • Check to see if the place you work will match your donation to EEI
  • Ask your family to match your contribution – they all know how much the bus meant to you!
  • Act local and ask businesses in your area to match your contribution
  • Contact your bus mates and challenge them to meet or add to your gift

Be inspired by this amazing video on our Interconnectedness! by the Ocean Conservancy; Written by Clint Smith

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