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6: Bruce keeps the rain off while winning all of the style points.

Bruce keeps the rain off while winning all of the style points.

Bruce is a diverse outdoor educator, naturalist and scientist. He was an instructor at Massachusetts’ Greenfield Community College Outdoor Leadership Program for ten years.

Bruce spent eleven wonderful years sleeping on the earth most nights as a faculty member for the Audubon Expedition Institute (EEI’s progenitor). Being a life-long learner, he is constantly acquiring new knowledge and stories to bring into his teaching. This is particularly true in subjects like social justice and cross-cultural communication. He has more than a decade of experience guiding students through their first attempts at bridging cultural divides and visiting communities engaged in profound social justice struggles. This has been the very best form of education about these issues, and nicely complements his more traditional academic training in the natural sciences.

He has also collaborated with his life partner, a University faculty member and author in outdoor leadership, has taught outdoor skills, e.g. canoeing and skiing, and co-led innumerable outdoor adventure courses. He has been leading groups on multi-day outdoor experiences since 1969.

Bruce displays a particular passion for wilderness and science, and helps his students appreciate the role of both in their lives. His own deep connections to the land and understanding of human ecology and behavior are just a small part of his teaching that comes alive through his gift of storytelling.

Bruce began teaching for the Audubon Expedition Institute (AEI) in 1999. In 2010 he joined the team of recently former AEI faculty/alumni/staff to found the Expedition Education Institute (EEI), a rebirth of the traveling bus programs run by AEI. He served on the board of trustees for EEI for four years.

Formal Education

Ph.D. Plant Biology, University of Massachusetts/Amherst, MA 1999

M.N. S. Natural Science, Worcester Polytechnic institute, Worcester, MA 1992

B.S. Forest Management, University of Massachusetts/Amherst, MA 1975


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