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Staff & Faculty for the Expedition

EEI faculty, in addition to their academic credentials, bring unique skills to the program. All are trained and experienced as Wilderness First Responders and have individually and collectively spent many years living, teaching, and learning in diverse land and water environs of North America. Our faculty are accomplished facilitators in this unique learning and teaching model that provides a personal approach, safe environment for self-development, as well as exceptional education. They are practiced at interpreting and guiding in wilderness, rural, and urban environs. From their varied experiences teaching, facilitating, and mentoring in the US, Canada, and abroad, they bring a multitude of capacities that inform the EEI educational model. They are dynamic leadership mentors, guiding through immersion in experiential education theory and hands-on methodologies as they apply to contemporary environmental and educational issues.

Neal Taylor, Faculty

Ph.D.   Ecology, University of California, Davis, CA 1993
B.S. Mathematics, University of Buffalo, NY 1979

Neal has a gift of conveying complex ideas in clear and easy to understand manner because he is able and willing and has the patience to think through the complexity to reach the clarity. Neal inspires students to be open, to practice critical thinking, and to bring their best selves to the learning community and to appreciate their own gifts that they carry with them.

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Anne Lewenberg, Faculty 

Ph.D. (in process)

M.S. Ecological Teaching and Learning, Lesley University

B.S. Environmental Studies, Audubon Expedition Institute @ Lesley University

Anne is dedicated to experiential, participatory, and democratic education and in using educational spaces to create lasting social change. She is an activist, researcher, and educator and is engaged in her community. She has worked on projects that bring people of all ages into collaboration to learn and build something new together.

Julie Aitcheson, Faculty

M.S. Environmental Education, Audubon Expedition Institute (at Lesley University), 2004

Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Heartwood Institute, Garberville, CA 2006

B.A. Speech Communication, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem NC 1997


Julie’s work as an educator and mentor/counselor has been focused on helping others to identify their unique strengths, cultivate new skills, and discover ways to apply them both personally and professionally. Whether as a health practitioner, educator, writer, or program director, Julie has experienced her greatest professional satisfaction in facilitating the empowerment and self-discovery of others. She has dedicated recent years to writing books, including young adult novels inspired by her experiential education work with youth domestically and abroad.

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Julie Aitcheson

Bruce Lindwall, Faculty

Ph.D. Plant Biology, University of Massachusetts/Amherst, MA 1999
M. N. S. Natural Science, Worchester Polytechnic institute, Worcester, MA 1992
B. S. Forest Management, University of Massachusetts/Amherst, MA 1975

Bruce displays a particular passion for wilderness and science, and helps his students appreciate the role of both in their lives. His own deep connections to the land and understanding of human ecology and behavior are just a small part of his teaching that comes alive through his gift of storytelling.

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Marissa Still, Faculty Intern

M.S. Ecological Teaching and Learning, Lesley University

B. A. Nature and Culture, emphasis Bioregionalism, UC Davis

Marisa is passionate about experiential and environmental education. She has worked as an environmental educator based in California and as an associate interpretive naturalist at Grand Grand Canyon National Park, and is thrilled to be embarking on the journey of being a teachor/mentor/guide on the expedition programs.

Judy Pratt, Communications & Alumni Coordinator

B.A. in English, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1972

M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1987

Judy was faculty on the Bus from 1992-2003. She arrived just as one of the many transformative stages of AEI (now EEI) was at its height. There were five buses in the field and a whole host of faculty. She had the privilege of working with some long-time faculty from the early years of the program as well as enthusiastic new arrivals, such as herself. Thus, she carries some of the primordial, as well as ongoing, bus history. Mostly retired now, she feels her current behind the scenes work for EEI is a great opportunity to both give back to this amazing program for the incredible experience it offered her, and to pass it forward for faculty and students in the future. She lives with her partner, Nicky Duenkel, (Bus faculty from 1995-2003, who volunteers with EEI) and their corgi, Shanti, in a tiny house on wheels above the Great Bras d’Or channel in Cape Breton, NS, Canada. You can visit their blog for a window into their continuing adventures!

Larkspur Morton, Executive Director of EEI

Ph.D. Animal Behavior, University of California, Davis, CA 2000
M.S. Animal Behavior, University of California, Davis, CA 1995
B.A. Biology/Psychology, Hamline University, St. Paul, MN 1990

Larkspur is inspired every day by the multitude of her former students and community members making a positive difference in the world and by the promise of future expedition students and faculty. She loves finding and creating connections, whether among people, nature, or ideas. She is committed to being in wholehearted service to life and to life-long holistic learning.

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