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Ready To Learn Outside The Box? Ready To Live Outside The Box?

Ready to Learn Outside the Box? Ready to Live Outside the Box?

When searching for the right fit in a college program potential students can be uncertain about their future direction.  Current emphasis in higher education is often still responding to the idea that a degree is solely about preparing for a specific job. However, it is common now for people to change jobs, and even careers, multiple times. Yet many high school graduates have no idea of the vast range of potential work opportunities that are out there, nor do they have a sense of the characteristics of the work environs or skills and aptitudes that define the positions for which they are preparing. EEI education can open doors you didn’t even know existed and readies you to go through them.

An EEI Gap Year exposes participants to diverse opportunities and offers a chance to talk with people who are doing the work on the ground and maybe even lend them a hand. An EEI semester – or year – can help you clarify who you are and what you are passionate about bringing to the world, while making new friends, living in close relationship to the natural world, learning how to act in support of your beliefs, and having fun!

So much of what is learned through the bus educational model are crucial and broadly useful 21st Century skills. Four agreed upon critical areas for development for the 21st century are collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking, and problem solving. Our alumni gained these and so many more skills that allowed them to find their way into a huge diversity of jobs and careers. We’ve gathered together just some of the fields that AEI/EEI alums are working in. Many would say that their time on the bus was formative in terms of who they have become and what they do.

AEI/EEI Alumni Acting for Change in:


Co-owner of Big B’s Juices, Hard Cider, and Delicious Orchards

Julie and ranchingCo-owner San Juan and Blue Range Ranch; designed and helped launch the New Agrarian apprenticeship program

Owner/manager Full Season Farm Vermont

Co-owner and operator of Open Hands Farm Community Supported Agriculture in Minnesota


Media Director, The Carbon Underground


Performance Artist, Artistic director Free Land Project

Board Members & Fundraisers

Senior Program Officer, Lerner Foundation

Woodard & Curran Foundation


Owner/Partner, Speaker, Writer at Mind Positive Parenting

Owner, Boston Nanny Centre

Fiction and non-fiction WritingNature Writer Alum

Nature writer

Freelance journalist

Journalist at Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Field biologists

Estuary and Ocean Science Center San Francisco State University

Director of Bird Ecology, Schoodic Institute

Health and Healing

Halls Pond Healing Arts

Registered Nurse

Massage Therapist

Singing on the busBirth Doula/Reiki Practitioner, Sacred Song Health & Wellness

Nurse Practitioner

Counselor at Anchorage Women’s Clinic

Occupational Therapist

Industry and Corporate Structures

Road Transportation Safety Manager, Shell


Environmental Lawyer

Naturalists, Environmental Educators, & Park Rangers and other park work

National Park Service Supervisory Ranger

Interpreter for Charleston County Parks

Chief Planner, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Volunteer and Youth Program Coordinator, Valley Forge National Historic Park

Naturalist Programs Coordinator at Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Rangeland Management Specialist with the USFS

Land Use Planner with Garfield County, CO

Not for Profits, Leadership and Management

Volunteer Coordinator, Furniture Friends

Director of Professional Development, Shelburne Farms

Chewonki Foundation

Student Leadership Campaign Coordinator, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Director of Education at Save the Bay Center RI

Project Manager, The Trust for Public Lands

Program Coordinator, Vaughan Woods and Historic Homestead

Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia

Executive Director, Smokey House Center

Outdoor and Environmental/Sustainability Education

Program Director, GirlVentures

Program Director, The Park School

Outward Bound Canada

Outward Bound USA

The Students on Ice Foundation

Co-Founder of Natured — Education & Sustainability Consultancy

Public/Private School Change Agents

Teacher Alexander Muss High School, (Israel)Bus Alum teaching

Lead Teacher, Cobscook Experiential Program

3rd Grade Teacher, Durham Community School, ME

4th Grade Teacher, Milford School District, DE

Founder(s) and Head of School, Montessori

Elementary Lead Guide, Montessori School of Winston Salem

High School Science Teacher

High School Math Teacher

Waldorf Class Teacher

Director of Programs, Wayfinders Schools

Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Environmental Conservation Coordinators

Public Engagement and Restoration Manager at Natural Areas Conservancy NYC

Green Team Coordinator at Unifier Festival, MA

Sustainability Coordinator & Adjunct Faculty at University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

Community Energy and Climate Action Coordinator/AmeriCorps Member at Vermont Natural Resources Council

Recycling Outreach Coordinator for GrowNYC

School/Business Founders – Entrepreneurs in Education

Chief Exploration Officer, To Walk your Talk Travel

Center for Insight and Change

Executive Director, Cobscook Community Learning Center

Founder and Executive Director Trekkers, Inc.

Owner Coaching and Consulting Business

Founder and Director of Express Fluency language study

Study Abroad Programs

Program Director at Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs

Founder & Executive Director, Taproot Farm & Environmental Education Center

University/College Staff and Faculty

University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural SciencesLesley Faculty

Program Director, Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs

Faculty & Staff, Lesley University

Associate Director and Academic Advisor Department of Global Studies and Modern Languages, Drexel University

Faculty, Goddard College

University Sustainability Coordinators

This is, of course, just a sampling of the wide and varied careers bus alumni have pursued over the years. EEI education can clearly be applicable to whatever you choose to do!

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