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Nine [Potential] Ways To Learn And Grow On An EEI Bus Program

Nine [Potential] Ways to Learn and Grow on an EEI Bus Program

D. H. Lawrence once said that “Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one. But there is also a third thing that makes it water and nobody knows what it is.” It is magic, the kind that can only be found in nature, life, and human possibilities once we are open to them. The kind of education I have in mind takes young people out of the classroom to encounter the mystery of the third thing. In that encounter they discover what Rachel Carson once called “the sense of wonder.” And that is the start of a real education. ~ David W. Orr

Are you ready for something completely new and different in your life? Do you want to continue to learn, but not in a classroom? Are you excited about exploring through community living, travel, and service opportunities? Are you confused about your future and want to figure out your purpose? Do you want to expand your knowledge of career or college major options? All this can happen when traveling in any region on an Expedition Education Gap Year or college semester.

And the EEI bus program can also be just right if you are feeling like you just need some space from high stakes testing and achievement oriented classrooms while still doing something meaningful and based in real-life learning. For many young people, the merits of a year (or even a semester) to refocus on your own sense of self, can be a truly educational gift.

Here are some of the life changing, eye opening, empowering, fulfilling, and growth promoting benefits you may encounter on an EEI semester:

  1. You’ll find help in discovering your focus and passion, being exposed to a world of possibilities, exploring and preparing for diverse career pathways, making connections to existing networks and peers;
  2. You’ll gain confidence; deepening your self-knowledge, understanding how and why you think and act as you do, while developing more maturity and judgment;
  3. You’ll experience a sense of civic engagement through service, learning to act on and manifest your values in the real world with the support of faculty, diverse communities, and your own learning community;
  4. You’ll think about and learn how to make a difference – how to Be the Change – exploring your place in the bigger picture of society and planetary unfolding;
  5. You’ll encounter a feeling of being more alive and connected, with improved health and wellness from living outdoors, eating well, and taking a break from the stress-inducing fast pace of modern life with its constant emphasis on technology;
  6. You’ll step aside from the crowd, maybe even outside of your comfort zones, experiencing a recognition of your deep connection to the natural world;
  7. You’ll gain an experience with, and an understanding of, community and the skills needed for respectful, active participation, recognizing and feeling one’s own emotions and understanding those of others;
  8. You’ll learn and practice new communication skills — developing your inner and outer awarenesses by learning to listen to yourself and others.
  9. You’ll acquire pivotal skills needed for moving forward in life: problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, creativity; as well as gain effectiveness as a communicator in writing, reflecting, and presenting, finding your own authentic voice and ways of expression.

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