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Joanna Macy-activist, Scholar, Ecophilosopher

Joanna Macy-activist, scholar, ecophilosopher

We are honored to highlight one of our greatest teachers and mentors, Joanna Macy.

“It is rare to find an education program that investigates the critical issues of our time through first-hand experience. Expedition Education Institute students visit heartbreaking industrial wastelands within a learning community that honors their distress.  Students meet with far-sighted activists and scholars, and explore their own potential roles in the transition to a life sustaining society. Intimate engagement with the natural world opens their eyes and ears and hearts to the beauty of all life.  I am both inspired and instructed by how EEI helps students become wholehearted leaders in our transition in the Great Turning.”

~Joanna Macy, author of Coming Back to Life, the updated guide to the Work That Reconnects

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