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EEI At The People’s Climate March In NYC

EEI at the People’s Climate March in NYC

We were in two places at once this past weekend, the Common Ground Country Fair in Maine and the People’s Climate March in New York City. Lots of connections and inspiration at both events! We were in both places for ourselves, for the programs, and because we deeply believe in making a just transition to a sustainable future that includes freeing ourselves from fossil fuels, relocalizing, and detoxifying our food, ourselves, and our air/water/land. Below are a few pics we snapped at the Climate March, from where we walked in the line-up. It took two hours before the crowd (about 2/3rds of the way up Central Park west) even started to move, to march. Just one testament to the sheer numbers of people showing support–400,000 at last estimate. And, we know that for each of us present, a multitude more simply could not be there in person. “What do we want?” “Climate Justice” “When do we want it?” “NOW!”

A moment worth sharing:  The marchers flowed past (we were still making our way up the line to meet up with the Marlboro College contingent), chanting, waving banners, making music, and engaging in conversation. Seemingly suddenly, everyone went completely silent. Then from very far off in the distance, from the top or back of the line of marchers, came a low roar. This roar rolled like an ocean wave, tumbling down the street, via the marchers, rolling over us and beyond. From our perspective we’ll never know if it reached the very front of the march, but I can only assume it did. This was some powerful organizing to create a very powerful moment! We can be united! We can do this together!

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