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We are in a REGENERATIVE PAUSE & PLANNING PHASE (207) 322-2973

We Travel, We Learn, We Explore

Our custom retrofitted bus

is our home as we travel throughout our exciting regions.

Our small group size

allows us to support diverse learning styles and empower students to learn in their own ways.

Our exploration of regional natural history

begins by living outdoors immersed in the environment every day and camping outdoors every night.

Our experiences with communication skills,

group facilitation, and conflict resolution are made real by the need to share a small common space, make group decisions for the learning community, and to collaboratively prepare meals

Our immersion in regional culture

comes alive through our many visits with local people who call the region home.

Our wilderness travel

provides time away from the distractions of phones, computers, highways, traffic lights and all the rest allows us a chance to reflect deeply on what we’re learning and what we will explore next.

A Gap Year with EEI will make you more confident, more capable, more motivated, more comfortable with yourself and with others. You learn to take responsibility for your own education, to be an empowered learner. Working with others in the learning community helps you discover your own “leader within,” and how you can best express leadership in your life.

Learn more about what makes a powerful Gap Year Experience

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