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EEI Bus Semester Education Helps You Get More Out Of Life!

EEI Bus Semester Education Helps You Get More Out of Life!

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There are so many reasons to travel on an EEI semester: You will visit and become immersed in extraordinary places, engage with remarkable people, experience nature firsthand and every day, and you will get to know something of the diverse cultures of North America. Collaboratively, we create authentic and meaningful travelling educational experiences that will inspire you and meet your need for real-world encounters beyond the classroom and ignite your passion for the discovery of the unexpected.

In moving beyond familiar environments you can discover your own values and explore your personal aspirations. You’ll learn more about yourself, other people and cultures, and diverse places through the integrated curriculum (list of courses below), which examines how we can address the challenge of sustainability with its ecological and cultural components and how change happens on a societal and personal level.


  • Leading and Learning for Transformation and Resilience
  • Learning Community as Personal and Social Change
  • Natural History and Ecology
  • Worldviews and Culture
  • Sustainable Solutions to Regional Environmental Concerns

You will learn how to make a difference from people who are doing so, finding role models and exploring alternative ways of living – for example, permaculture, ecovillages and other cooperative living arrangements, tiny houses, or voluntary simplicity.

You will form authentic relationships with faculty, peers, and resource people and communities. Schools are often not the place for this to happen as relationships are often superficial without time for depth. On the bus, depth of relationships can’t help but happen as you are living and learning together while travelling 24/7!

You will experience genuine and realistic connections with environmental and social issues by being in the midst of them. You can come to recognize your accountability, rather than seeing problems as “subjects” to be studied, separate from yourself and your actions.

You will be “formed” by your experiences and relationships in ways that help you figure out who you really are, who you want to become, and be seen and supported throughout this process.

Teaching in slickrockYou will become a part of something larger than yourself as both a participant and then an alumnus of a program that has been on the ground educating for nearly 50 years. EEI has been committed to engaging with and supporting the natural world and culture of the places and people we visit, building lasting relationships that have endured over time.

Rather than feeling powerless in the face of the world’s challenges and struggles, you will gain knowledge and skills for action through real and significant experiences in places that are living with them and working to effect change.

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