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Alum Digs In To Bus History For SevenDays, A Vermont-based Magazine

Alum digs in to bus history for SevenDays, a Vermont-based magazine

CLICK HERE to enjoy Julia Shipley’s recent article:

Marlboro College Students Get on the Bus for Expedition Ed 

We think Julia, a bus alum from the 90’s, did an absolutely incredible job of pulling a ton of information and history together into a wonderfully written story of the bus’s rebirth. She spent a couple of different days with us, interviewing and observing–once during preparation for the semester with a small gathering of alumni at Cobb Hill Community in Hartland, VT and the other time during our first week of orientation while we were camped at Marlboro College.

Editorial Note from EEI:  There were a couple of small but important edits/editorial choices that didn’t make it into the final piece. We want you to know that Julia is working with the editors to correct these in the online version, but in the meantime, we thought we’d correct them here. They are all within a three paragraph section discussing first why Lesley University let the bus program go (the story is much more complex and multi-angled, having much to do with leadership changes and also with recruiting challenges due to not having a dedicated recruiter). It was a strongly word-limited piece. In the following paragraph, it should say, “They raised $20,000 in support of the program’s revival initially,..” This feels important for us to note along with our deep appreciation for the financial support of those initial donors (so we could buy back the bus) and all subsequent support that has made it possible to rebirth the entire program, including establishing the partnership with Marlboro College and Graduate School. And, lastly, in the next paragraph, the word solvent should be replaced with sustainable, such that it says, “The six students enrolled this year won’t make the program sustainable; to hit that goal, says Morton, EEI will need a minimum of 16 students.”

Thanks for your patience. Enjoy the excellent article!

Julia interviewing LM on bus

Julia interviewing Larkspur on the bus at Cobb Hill Cohousing in August.

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